The Best Snacks To Enjoy With Your Afternoon Coffee

July 7, 2017 Off By foodsafetyhero

It’s a quarter to three, which means I have twenty minutes until I need to pick up my children from the bus stop. I have just enough time to pop in one of my starbucks k cup coffee pods, and reboot the system for “mommy-mode”. And if I’m going to take the time to re-boot my system, here is a list of the best snacks to have with an afternoon cup o joe.

Hazelnut spread on toast: I know, I know. Hazelnut spread is good on just about everything. And I don’t feel like a gluttonous blob when I throw it on some whole grain toast. It’s almost like I am sitting in Paris, people watching… only I am really just revving my engines in preparation for the mob of energetic children I am about to greet. Greek yogurt with a dash of honey: Not only is greek yogurt decadent and delicious, it is chock full of vitamins and nutrients that will do nothing but contribute to that burst of energy you are in search of. Toss on a little honey and your favorite berries and you’ve got a fancy little coffee snack there.

Chocolate covered nuts: We all need to spoil ourselves a little, right? If you’re having one of those days, snack on some chocolate covered nuts during your coffee break. There is something strangely satisfying about enjoying a salty sweet treat while drinking coffee. Feel free to run out now and get some. It’s amazing. Fig bars: or fruit bars of any kind. I am really not biased when it comes to a cookie bar. They are all delicious. Raspberry, apple, fig… I’ll take one of each please. I like to lay them neatly on a plate and eat them slowly. Don’t forget to hide your bars though, because kids tear through cookies filled with jam like little Tasmanian devils.

Pretzels with peanut butter. The combination of salty with sweet is such a pleasant juxtaposition to the coffee you are (hopefully) sipping. Personally, I like to keep my own secret jar of peanut butter hidden for special moments like this. I will take my pretzel and scoop the peanut butter directly from my special peanut butter jar like the classy gal I am. Sophistication with my coffee. Delightful. Graham crackers. Whats the best thing about graham crackers? You can do just about anything to them to make them more delicious. Marshmallows, chocolate, cream cheese… the possibilities are endless. What’s the second best thing? They are awesome with coffee. Whether you are in a hurry and have to eat directly from the sleeve, or you have a minute to spread some delightful concoction on your tasty graham, you will hit a home run with this coffee snack. Pastries: Shall we save the best for last? Good, because having a nice bakery treat with your afternoon coffee, is the ultimate indulgence. Nothing will help you hit that start button better than a fluffy pastry with a nice cup of coffee.