3 Beautiful restaurants in London

August 17, 2018 Off By Muezza

The best restaurants are good at getting the balance right in a crowded industry. Offering exceptional cuisine is important, of course, but the interior design should also play a part in creating an unforgettable dining experience. Successful restaurants are creative enterprises, so it’s no surprise that they make style and beauty key elements of their business. So it makes good commercial sense to work with professional designers such as Dawnvale, who bring a wealth of industry expertise and flair. Read on to get an idea of just how integral design is in creating a restaurant that diners will rave about.

Sketch – Perfect in pink

Based in Mayfair, a cornucopia of design delights await even the most jaded patron. Opulence is the main theme in town here, and the design is refreshingly bold in serving up a feast for the senses. The cocktail lounge is redolent of an enchanted forest, replete with plush carpeting to resemble a truly luxurious forest floor. Trees well suited to fairy tales feature on the walls, and gloriously diverse paint hues have been used to produce a sun-dappled effect. Afternoon teas are served amidst a sea of bubble-gum pink chairs, the strong colours coolly offset with zigzag black and white carpet. The dining room is resplendent in the colours of dramatic sunsets, soft yellow lighting combined with rich red flooring to leave diners spellbound.

Bob Bob Ricard – Steam style

This Soho based restaurant doesn’t hold back on style, with some quirky gadgetry added for extra fun. There are ‘press for champagne’ buttons, plush interiors and dashing colours that capture the atmosphere of the age of steam. Indeed, the design is purposely based on the ornate luxury of Edwardian railway carriages, where diners can soak up an old-world elegance. A private dining room allows patrons to immerse themselves in the ornate atmosphere of a royal train – the walls are upholstered in leather, with windows of shimmering aqua. The iridescent blue complements the dark furnishings, which otherwise might be oppressive, creating an ambience of glamorous noir. The theme continues in the main dining area, replete with sparkling brass rails and lamplight to offer a cultured dining experience.

No 1 Duke Street – Simply chic

A quaint cobbled lane in Richmond gives on to this airy, contemporary pub and restaurant. Beauty and elegance aren’t just about opulence, as No 1 amply demonstrates with its high, exposed ceilings and relaxed dining atmosphere. A bar rendered in marble is the centrepiece of the main dining room, with chequered flooring and low hanging lights completing the artfully casual effect. Decor features pristine white brick walls warmed by cosy soft furnishings, dove grey cushions offering comfort over elegance. The intimate effect is enhanced by a profusion of potted and hanging plants, while shelves display stylish silver jugs. Furniture is purposefully diverse, high stools and low backed seats giving a relaxed, French kitchen feel.